Venom 2-3 Cell LiPO Balance Charger

2-3 Cell LiPO Balance Charger

This 2-3 Cell LiPO Balance charger is perfect for smaller battery packs.

  • Charges LiPO Specific Battery Packs
  • Charges Each Cell Individually within the Pack for Optimum Performance
  • Will Charge a 2 Cell or 3 Cell Single Pack
  • Compatible with Venom Series of 2-3 Cell LiPO Batteries
  • Wall Plug Power Supply
  • Can be Adapted for Field Use
  • Intuitive LEDs Indicate Status of Batteries


Length: 3" (76.2mm)
Width: 2" (50.8mm)
Weight: 1.7oz (48.2g)

UL Approved
CE Approved

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