Alleven RC Roller Bar Set - SB5
Alleven RC Roller Bar Set for the Thunder Tiger SB-5. The double bearing nylon wheel is positioned at a 50 degree angle, so it rolls better when it hits the pavement. The wheels will last a very long time this way.

The length of the nylon bars can be changed to get the desired lean angle.

The nylon bars are secured at each end by one M3 set screw. They are made from aluminum alloy and are fully anodized black.

The kit includes:

  • 2) nylon wheel
  • 4) ball bearing (installed in wheels)
  • 2) inner mounting plate (one left, one right)
  • 2) inner bar mount
  • 2) outer bar mount
  • Set screws, wheel mounting screws, bar mounting screws.

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