Nuova Faor SF601 \"Factory\" 1/5 electric

The new Nuova Faor SF601 electric powered Race Bike from Nuova Faor has to offer some interesting new features. The chassis is now made of only 3 carbon parts (no more separate rear parts) and uses the new narrow swingarm with only 60mm width.

The bike kit includes the new NF plastic rims with integral tire inserts. The tires will fit directly on the rims over the inserts giving you maximum performance and grip out of a PMT Slick's. Optional weights for the rims are available.

The weight of the Electric bike with tires, but no electronics or body is an amazing 1140grams. Length 35mm X 15mm X 29.2mm tall. Bike only weights 92.9 grams that's 3.3oz.

It requires two midi size servos (35x15mm) for steering and the front disk brake. The hydraulic pro-bike front forks are a little bit shorter now with less travel, but in return they are also be less bendable. The battery pack is mounted in upright position below the carbon tray, fixed with a Velcro fastener. Requires Savox SH-1250M servos or equivalent; No setup manual parts listing only. Tires not included.

PMT tires in 100 or 200 compound are recommend for the SF601.


  • Bike chassis and wheels
  • Body and rider
  • Steering damper
  • Stand
  • Pit towel
  • Battery Strap
  • Scratch bars
  • Pinion gear


  • Electronics
  • Painting for body and rider
  • Tires

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