Nuova Faor SF701 \"Factory\" 1/5 nitro

Nuova Faor has done it again! Check out their new SF701 ARTR nitro superbike. This factory race bike has the latest in nitro bike technology. The main chassis is made from carbon fiber spaced closely together which allows for extreme lean. The SF701 is almost entirely made of carbon fiber, aluminum alloy, and steel. The wheels have a solid integrated tire insert for maximum handling. The included Picco .12 nitro engine and tuned pipe provide maximum power throughout all RPM. Photos show what is included in the box.

The chassis accepts 3 mid size servos such as the Savöx SH-1250. One servo controls the rear brake and engine carburetor, one operates the steering, and one for the front brake.

PMT tires in 100 or 200 compound are recommend for the SF701.


  • Bike chassis and wheels
  • Picco .12
  • Steering damper
  • Body and rider
  • Stand
  • T-shirt
  • Carry bag
  • Scratch bars
  • Starter wand


  • Electronics
  • Painting for body and rider
  • Tires

Note: Some design changes may have occurred since photos were taken.

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