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2 Wheel Hobbies

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Hot Racing Adjustable Smooth Slipper Steering (black)
This is the Adjustable Smooth Slipper Steering for the Kyosho 1/8th scale radio controlled motorcycles.
Anodized Titanium slipper plates.
Adjustable Smooth Delrin Slipper
Ball bearing friction free smoothness.
One Steel Steering post
One spring
Two slipper plates.
Two slipper disks
Two ball bearing

Drill 4mm hole on the top triple clamp
Glued the bottom friction plate on it with CA

This tuning option lets you adjust how quickly or how Stable the motorcycle's front wheel will turned.
A weak compression setting, steering response is very immediate and sharp.
A heavy compression, steering response becomes sluggish but the motorcycle becomes much more stable .
It is adjustable so you can tune the steering response to match your driving.
This will not work with HOR48C08

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