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2 Wheel Hobbies

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Hot Racing GP Style Aluminum Front Shock Fork (Black) T3-01
Hot Racing aluminum high viscosity lubricated friction damper front shock fork for Tamiya Dancing Rider.
- High viscosity friction damper with Delrin pistons provides smooth shock action and tunable damping characteristics
- Precision fork springs
- Sealed ball bearings
- CNC machined aluminum fork bodies, upper and lower brackets (trees, crowns), and wheel/caliper/fender mounts
- Black anodizing with laser-etched lettering
- One (1) fork assembly
- Weight: g
- Shock stroke: mm
- Simple hand tools for installation
- Silicone diff lube or modeler's preference. 30, 000wt is usually a good start. Add a heavy coating to piston and tubes and do not fully fill fork.
- Color variants are Hot Racing TTDR5508

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